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Packed Column

1.Stationary phase: OV-1, OV-17, OV-101,OV-225, SE-30, SE-52, SE-54, PEG-400, PEG-600, PEG-1500, PEG-4000, PEG-6000, PEG-20M, DEGS, EGA, EGS, QF-1, FFAP, DNP, DBP,β,β-oxydipropionitrile, Silicone oil, Apiezon, Squalane, DC series, etc.
2.Supporter: Imports diatomite (such as Chromsorb) series, Domestic diatomite series, Organic vehicle, etc.

3.Absorbent and polymer microspheres: Porapak series, Proasil series, GXD series, HDG series, DC series, molecular sieve, carbon molecular sieve, graphitized carbon black, silica, alumina, etc.

4.Specification: inner diameter 2-4mm, length 0.5-9m

  Welch also offer GC packed column custom-made. Please provide GC model number; column tube type, stationary phase composition; supporter type and its Particle Size; inner diameter and length and what kind of samples to analysis.

Packed column order instructions
1.Packed column tube size table

2. Packing instructions
3. Instrument type:

(such as HP 5890/6890) 

4. Size

(Glass column must indicate the inner diameter size)

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